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Engineered carbon fiber plates. High quality. Ready to ship.

For applications requiring material that is tough and durable, yet extremely lightweight, Hornet Plates, made of industrial-grade carbon fiber, are the perfect solution. At its strongest, carbon fiber is 10 times stronger than steel, yet 5 times lighter. The strongest carbon fiber is also 8 times stronger than aluminum, but 1.5 times lighter. These unique properties make carbon fiber perfect for a wide variety of commercial uses.

In addition to its excellent strength to weight ratio, carbon fiber resists corrosion and boasts a low CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion). It also tolerates high heat and resistance, has flexible thermal and electrical properties, and works well with a wide variety of other materials.

Hornet Plates are available in a matte finish and in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses. Our experts will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect carbon fiber solution to help you build something great. Call us today.

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Custom Waterjet Cutting Available

Hornet Products is pleased to offer custom waterjet cutting services. This unique, cost-effective process employs a powerful stream of pressurized water. It’s able to cut through a wide variety of materials up to 12” thick, including wood, steel, titanium, plastics, foam, aluminum, and granite. Waterjet technology is ideal for quickly slicing through thick materials or for creating complex artwork and intricate sculptures.

With our top-notch CNC cutting technology, competitive pricing, and quick turnaround time, Hornet Products will bring your creation to life. Whether you need a single product, a batch of prototypes, or an entire production order, simply send us a .dxf file of your design and we’ll get started. If you can dream it, Hornet Products can cut it!

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